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Trust Peter & CO. With Your Jewelry Repairs

If your jewelry needs repair, rely on Peter & Co Jewelers. With a certified master goldsmith on staff, we offer a variety of in-house jewelry repair services including ring resizing, diamond resetting, chain repairs and much more. Along with an expert staff, we also leverage the latest technology to ensure that we can repair even the most intricate designs.

Regardless of your needs, when you come to Peter & Co. Jewelers you can rest assured knowing that your precious jewelry is in good hands. No matter how complex the repair, we’ll work with you to assess the damage and do our best to restore your jewelry to its original beauty.

Pearl & Bead Stringing

Pearls are delicate by nature and should be treated with a lot of care. In order to preserve your pearl necklaces and bracelets they should be cleaned and re-strung every few years. This process removes any irritants, such as hairspray or perfumes, which could damage the nacre of the pearls.

When you bring your pearls to Peter & Co. Jewelers you can trust that they will be handled as if they were our own. We’ll carefully hand wash all of your pearls and then restring them onto the finest silk cord.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How do we size a ring?

When we size a ring down, a small piece of the bottom of the "shank" is cut out and then the remaining sides are either soldered or laser welded back together.  

If the ring is being sized larger, a matching piece of silver, gold, or platinum is added into the shank and then soldered or welded back together.  

If the ring has other gemstones, they will need to be checked and tightened as they can shift and loosen during the sizing process.  

The sized area is polished and refinished to make the seam virtually invisible.  Then the entire piece is polished and refinished to make the ring look like brand new, and if necessary, rhodium plate to restore the bright white finish of white gold.


Why does my ring need to be rhodium plated?

White gold naturally has a slight yellowish hue because gold in its purest state is naturally yellow.  A layer of rhodium is electromagnetically plated to white gold jewelry to give the piece a nice, bright, white finish.  

A rhodium plating should only be done after a piece has been cleaned and polished to ensure a proper plating. Rhodium is a very rare and precious metal that is from the platinum group of metals and is naturally white and hypoallergenic.

What is the difference between a laser weld and torch solder? Why is it more expensive?

The laser welder is a great piece of technology that we invested in to allow the ability to repair jewelry that normally would be unrepairable or more labor intensive.  Many gemstones cannot withstand the heat of traditional torch solder repairs thus requiring removal before work was done on the setting.  

With our Master Goldsmith at the helm and the laser welder at her side, we are able to work on more delicate items that could otherwise not have been repaired as well as perform regular repairs more effectively.  The laser machine is a costly investment, and costly to maintain compared to that of traditional torch soldering, but the return is worth it to the customer.


Why can't anyone change my watch battery? Why do I need a watchmaker?

When we change a battery in a watch, our watchmaker is able to test the current battery, look for any issues in the watch while it is open (rust, water damage, battery corrosion) as well as change the gaskets that prevent dust and water from entering the watch.  It's worth it!  

Our watchmaker is CW21 certified and operates in a Rolex approved workshop.  We have numerous pieces of equipment to perform many different tasks from testing water resistance to cleaning movements.  We will gladly provide you with a FREE estimate before any work is done.

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