The Summer: Breeze Season - Going Casual

By Peter Jewelers & Co.
June 26, 2017 Category • General

Going casual this summer doesnt have to be boring. Layered bracelet is a statement piece, bulky ring pairs well and is eye-catching with this casual summer outfit, rounded out with classic/simple diamond stud earrings to all fall in line with current jewelry trends. A stylish multi-strand bracelet accents summer fashion choices without distracting from the easy-going vibe that the sun brings. Its minimalist and high-society at the same time. Go fashion forward with a stacked diamond ring that is delicate and eye-catching. The ahead-of-the-trend look is thoughtful but effortless, just like a relaxing summer day. Brilliant diamond stud earrings are a must for every woman. The classic, timeless and versatile accessory shows a refined elegance that doesnt scream for attention.

The Summer: Breeze Season - Spice Up Summer

By Peter Jewelers & Co.
June 26, 2017 Category • General

Spice up a Summers night out or event with jewelry that is a little more glamorous and striking. Gems and layered bracelets are a great accent as well as trendy for this season. Dont forget to tie it all together by wearing a dazzling ring! This stunning Signature Diamond Cuff bracelet is a great addition to any outfit. We use ideal cut diamonds that are machine set for perfect alignment and maximum sparkle. Gold settings are making a huge comeback - to highlight this trend we are featuring this Valina engagement ring mounted with side stones and set in 14k rose gold. A beautiful London blue Topaz, cushion cut, is accented by sparkling diamonds and set into 14k rose gold. Complementing the necklace for this look, weve paired two beautifully matched London blue Topaz earrings with this outfit. Two cushion cut gemstones accented by sparkling diamonds and set into 14k rose gold.

The Summer: Breeze Season - Everyday

By Peter Jewelers & Co.
June 26, 2017 Category • General

Everyday summer outfits get kicked up a notch by pairing interesting and statement jewelry. Layered ring is eye-catching and also fun, a long/layered necklace is very trendy and complimentary for such an ensemble, simple but unique/stylish earrings also draw attention. Make a studded statement with these Ivy Lane pav diamond set surfboard stud earrings that will add a powerful pop of style to your look. This Pandora Entwined sterling silver ring mimics a series of rings that are stacked, going along with summer trends. This ring creates a high shine look for all occasions. This long light Tacori Lariat necklace, features a stylish double chain and pav surfboard. Make a stylish statement with this standout style. Also available in silver, 18k yellow and rose gold, matching any outfit.

Pantone's Color of the Year: Put Greenery In Your Style

By Peter Jewelers
June 21, 2017 Category • General

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery, a refreshing and revitalizing shade that is symbolic of new beginnings. This zesty yellow-green shade works with a multitude of different styles, but make sure you arent pairing it the wrong way, or you could violently offend the on-lookers eyes. In springtime, just like how leaves pair with flowers or butterflies pair with ornate foliage, Greenery can work with all sorts of colors and patterns making it the perfect backdrop to allow your jewelry to pop. Since Greenery is shades of both yellow and blue, it combines warm and cool tones, making it a color for all seasons. As for jewelry, Greenery looks great against both silver and gold, but if you would like to be a bit bolder with your jewelry pair Greenery with purple gems to add a lush contrast to your outfit. Natures colors have always paired well together, so any purple will create an intriguing and stylish look. Weve created Pinterest boards to highlight Greenery + Gold for

Thanks Peter, For All That You Did For Us

By Tammy, Kim
June 15, 2017 Category • General

Fathers Day is rooted in celebrating the Dads in our lives. Our Moms husband (and our Dad), Peter, had such a positive impact on our lives, and for that we are so very grateful. When Peter started selling gold chains in 1987, he did it to support his family. Peter began without any experience, going through a typical starting a business process, borrowing from the bank and establishing Peter Co. Jewelers. In the beginning years, early mornings, late nights and busy weekends were common, but so was his love for us. We were never thrown to the side, he somehow juggled it all, never dropping the ball. In 6 years time, Peter Co. Jewelers more than doubled in size. We made a move to Avon Lake from our original Bay Village location, and my mom joined the business, truly making Peter Co., a family affair. In the next 10 years, business changed a lot. Our father passed away in 2000, leaving a legacy of an amazing locally focused business in our hands. Both my sister and I joined the business,

Gifts To Honor Our Graduates

By Theresia
April 24, 2017 Category • Gift Ideas

The kids are getting antsy because school is almost out! Before we start daydreaming about summer vacations, BBQs, and leisurely bike rides lets not forget to honor our graduates. At Peter Co. Jewelers we offer a variety of gifts to commemorate this special time. Here are a few of our favorites STORYTELLING JEWELRY Any jewelry pieces make great gifts, but for milestone events, like a graduation, we recommend finding something with a bit of a personal touch. And, this is why we love Heather B. Moore! Her collection of hand-stamped charms is the perfect way to tell the unique story of your graduate. Shop for inspirational quotes, symbols of love, or even create a custom piece with their graduation date. Retail pricing: Starting at $200 THE GIFT OF TIME A new timepiece is a great gift for any high school or college graduate. While there are plenty of options on the marketplace, we recommend the Graduation Collection from Citizen Watches. Delivering a perfect combination of functionality

New Products For Spring

By Theresia
April 10, 2017 Category • Jewelry Trends

If youre looking for a great way to spruce up your spring wardrobe, stop by Peter Co. Jewelers in Avon Lake, OH. In order to welcome the new season weve been swapping out our showcases and have some great new looks that we think youre going to love. Whether youre craving a bold look to help you emerge from winter, or prefer something soft and more feminine, weve got you covered. Two lines that we are especially excited about are the Belle Etoile Groovy Collection as well as some of the newer pieces that weve seen from Makur. Take a look, and we think youll see why BELLE ETOILE The Belle Etoile Groovy collection delivers a fun, abstract design thats full of color. Purchase one piece to add some personality to your work pencil skirt, or snag the whole collection to amp up your casual look. Our favorite pick is the triangular drop earrings, priced at $250. Talk about a statement piece! MAKUR On the softer side, we love these sterling silver and 14K rose gold pieces from Makur. Theyre

Let Your Bling Shine This Spring

By Theresia
March 27, 2017 Category • Services, Jewelry Repair

Last week marked the official start of spring, and we have to say, were ready for it! Along with the blooming flowers, chirping birds, and warmer temperatures another thing that we appreciate at this time of year is the opportunity for a fresh start. We clean out our desks at work, we go through our closets, and we revisit those precious jewelry pieces that lost their luster over the dark winter months. If you too have a jewelry box that is full of tarnished rings, broken necklaces, and wiggly gemstones, stop by Peter Co Jewelers in Avon Lake, OH. Were here to help you get your bling shining for spring. Start by setting aside some time to go through your jewelry box and pull out those pieces that will need some extra love. We like to make one pile for items that need to be cleaned, and another for items that need to be repaired. Once youve untangled and sorted everything, bring it to us! At Peter Co. Jewelers we wholeheartedly believe that every jewelry piece deserves to sparkle,

Festive Looks For St. Patrick's Day

By Theresia
March 13, 2017 Category • Holidays

St. Patrickss Day is just three days away! If youre looking for festive bling to help you channel the luck of the Irish, Peter Co. Jewelers has you covered. When it comes to green and glamorous, here are some of our top picks VAHAN SILVER BANGLE Made of sterling silver with 14K yellow gold accents, this bangle from Vahan delivers a stunning look. Five green, chrome diopside gemstones are showcased at the center of the bangle to deliver both color and shine. BELLE ETOILE DROP EARRINGS Showcasing two jade colored stones, these Belle Etoile earrings deliver a bright look that is sure to illuminate your St. Patricks Day wardrobe. Swirls of silver are showcased near the top of each earring and accented with a pave of sparkling white stones. KIRK KARA LADIES BAND From the Kirk Kara Charlotte collection this beautiful band includes 0.06 carats of white diamonds and 1.00 carats of rich, green tsavorites. The signature-handcrafted details include scroll engravings as well as milgrain edging,

A Colorful Year For Jewelry

By Theresia
February 28, 2017 Category • Jewelry Trends

Kim and Tamara just returned from the most recent IJO jewelry show! While they were there they networked with other jewelers, handpicked some beautiful items that will be made for our store, and they also got insight into some of the latest jewelry trends. As we march our way through 2017 you can still expect statement pieces to be popular, but this year there will be a little bit of a twist. The difference being, a lot of color! The stunning pieces above incorporate a variety of shapes, and colors to deliver a look with a lot of depth. The necklace in the center was one of the most popular items at the show. We absolutely love the long baguette-cut amethyst showcased at the center. The diamond frame is just icing on the cake! If cool colors are more of your style, check out these beautiful blue topaz and diamond pieces. From pinks, to blues, the incorporation of different hues was something that we saw from a lot of vendors at the show. Its clear theyre trying to spice things up

Happy Valentine's Day

By Theresia
February 14, 2017 Category • Holidays

Happy Valentines Day everyone! The ladies of Peter Co. Jewelers are sending lots of love in your direction. What are some of your favorite Valentines Day memories? Weve been having fun reminiscing today. Were also loving the festive filters on Snapchat! Valentines Day is always so much fun, but my favorite memories are from childhood. Remember back in elementary school when you used to pass out Valentines cards to your classmates? We would always count ours to see who got the most! ~Theresia Ill never forget the first valentines present that I received from my {now} husband. It was a long leather coat in this really cool caramel color. I dont remember any other valentines gifts, but I do remember my first! ~Kim We hope that Cupid treats you all well today! xoxo

Jewelry Gifts For Valentine's Day

By Theresia
January 31, 2017 Category • Holidays, Gifts

Psst, guys Valentines Day is just around the corner. Sweep her off of her feet with a beautiful jewelry gift from Peter Co. Jewelers. Whether youre going big this year, or just want a small token of your love, we have gifts at a variety of price points. Here are some of our top recommendations Promise Of Love Bracelet Designer: Tacori // Retail Price: $790 The Tacori Promise Bracelet is our favorite pick for Valentines Day. Featuring an overlapping design, it signifies two unique individuals coming together. If you ask us, this beautifully designed piece is perfect representation of true, everlasting love. Silver Heart Necklace Designer: Zina // Retail Price: $75 We are in love with this piece from Zina Sterling. Its simple, its affordable, and shell think of your every time that she wears it. Bonus points if you get a thoughtful card and a few red roses to go with it! Heart Token Necklace Designer: Zina // Retail Price: $89 This silver necklace from Zina Sterling

Engagement Rings To Fall In Love With

By Theresia
January 16, 2017 Category • Diamonds, Engagement

First comes love, then comes wedding season. For some industries the winter months tend to be quieter. This doesnt hold true in the world of jewelry because even though its cold outside, theres still plenty of love in the air. Thanks goodness! Over the next couple of months Peter Co. Jewelers will be jumping from one bridal show to the next. Brides-to-be, were here to help you fit your wedding bands and find the perfect accessories for your big day. And, for the wanna-be-brides, this post is for you If youve found the man, but are still on the hunt for the bling, here are some engagement rings that youre guaranteed to fall in love with. While classic styles are still popular {and always will be}, these particular rings are on-trend, incorporating fancy shaped stones and colored metals. Take a look TACORI OVAL DANTELA RING An oval cut diamond rests at the center of this 18k white gold ring and is surrounded by a single halo. This ring has all the delicate details that Tacori is

New Year, New Goals

By Theresia
January 03, 2017 Category • Holidays

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great holiday and that youre transition back to the real world hasnt been too rough. Before we made our way back to work, we took some time to reflect on changes that we wanted to make in 2017. Can you help us stay accountable? Since I can remember my resolution at work has been to keep my desk clean all year long! While I always have the best intentions, I never quite make it. Moving into 2017, my girls have been bugging me about this more than ever, so Im going to give it another go. I resolve to clear out my office and keep my desk clear of unnecessary files, papers, broken jewelry, business cards, etc Wish me luck! ~Theresia Im not going to say that Ill stop drinking soda entirely, but Im hoping to take my Pepsi consumption down a couple notches. Its become a little bit of a crutch for me, plus its soooo delicious. ~Kim While I know some people dont believe in them, Ive always set a New Years resolution. Back in 2001 I was even able

Our Favorite Christmas Memories

By Theresia
December 21, 2016 Category • Holidays

Not to brag, but this holiday season we feel like were actually on top of things! Sure there are still a few presents to wrap, but when it comes to the big things, weve checked them off. With the stress behind us, now the real magic can begin! In our family Christmas is all about spending quality time together, enjoying a big meal, playing games, and opening gifts to express our gratitude for one another. Theres nothing we love more than the opportunity to step away from our day-to-day routines, kick back, and relax as one big happy family. Along with moments of pure joy, each year seems to have its fair share of hiccups as well. It keeps things entertaining, and if you ask us, thats what its all about. While we cant say for certain what this year has in store, here are some of our favorite memories from holidays past As I little girl I remember sitting around the dinner table with our entire family on Christmas Eve. There were five different conversations happening from across the

Gifts That Will Make Everyone Smile

By Theresia
December 05, 2016 Category • Holidays, Gifts

In just 19 days Santa will be making his way to Avon Lake. That means we have less than three weeks to shop, wrap, and ship. Eeek! How do the holidays sneak up on us like this? Dont panic just yet. We created the Peter Co. Jewelers Gift Guide so that you dont have to spend hours wandering in and out of the malls. From your picky best friend, to your loving parents, we have something to bring a smile to everyone on your list this year. And, as far as the wrapping you can leave that to us! Pearls, for mom. Whats more appropriate for a mom than Mother of Pearl? The Sirena Collection from Belle Etoile features black Mother of Pearl that is brought to life by sparkling, cubic zirconia accents. Get her one piece, or recruit your siblings and wow her with the entire set! A BALL watch, for dad. When it comes to buying a gift for your father, you cant go wrong with a timepiece. This year we recommend the BALL Trainmaster Luminous Moon Watch. It comes packed with features, looks stylish,

When In Doubt Be Thankful

By Tamara
November 21, 2016 Category • Holidays

Thanksgiving is just days away. While its easy to get swept away by cooking, entertaining, and shopping lets not forget what this holiday is all about. Giving thanks. Every day we are blessed by the wonderful people that we surround ourselves with; our family, coworkers, neighbors, and even the guys who held open the door for me yesterday. Material things are nice and sometimes they do make things easier, but nothing compares to our experiences, our freedom, and the support of those around us. This year we have so much to be grateful for, both within the walls of the store, and beyond. Here are just a couple of things that came to mind ... At this time of year especially, the reminder to think about what we are thankful for really hits home.And there it is. Home.Im thankful for my loving family that surrounds me all year long. Im thankful for the wonderful friends I have, new friends, life-long friends, and friends yet to be made. I am also thankful for this wonderful and exceptional

BALL Watches, Since 1891, Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions

By Theresia
November 07, 2016 Category • Watches

Guys, we know you dont quite understand the obsession that women have with jewelry. After all, you dont accessorize. Outside of your wedding band, every jewelry item that you wear has a purpose. Your money clip. Your cuff links. Your tie bar. And, of course your timepiece. Knowing how much you appreciate quality, functionality, and durability we have to introduce you to our favorite new watch line, BALL. BALL Watch was born when Cleveland native, Webster Clay Ball, was enlisted by the Lake Shore Railroad as Chief Time Inspector. Since 1891 BALL Watch Company has been producing timepieces that comply with the most stringent criteria for precision, quality, and reliability. It was BALLs system that led to accuracy and uniformity in timekeeping and established Railroad Time. Who wears BALL Watches? Owen Garriott, NASA astronaut on the Skylab III mission; Brian Binnie, Spacecraft altitude record holder; Richard Limeburner, Oceanographer Deep Sea recovery expert, and the list goes on. Here

Magical Jewelry To Ward Off Halloween Spirits

By Theresia
October 25, 2016 Category • Jewelry, Holidays

Halloween is less than a week away. Goblins, witches, and warlocks will be flooding our streets performing tricks, and looking for treats. If you need protection from evil spirits and bad juju, Peter Co. Jewelers is here to help. From silver to diamonds, many precious metals and gemstones provide magical powers that are sure to keep you protected this Halloween. If youre worried about warding off the devil, silver earrings are known to do the trick. We especially love this pair of hoop earrings from Tacori, complete with 18K yellow gold details. Retail price: $190 Since the ancient era, pearls have been known to cure madness. This unique pearl and diamond necklace from Galatea, will help you keep your sanity this Halloween. Retail price: $450 Diamonds possess many powers including strength, invincibility, bravery, and courage. For a radiating look thats perfect for everyday wear the Aerial Eclipse Pendant from Hearts On Fire is a perfect choice. Retail price: $2,250 If you plan

Back From Club Tacori 2016

By Tamara
October 10, 2016 Category • Jewelry, Travel

At the end of September Kim and I had an amazingopportunity to attend Club Tacori in Santa Monica.When we arrived in California we felt like we were being welcomed by family. It was the same warm feeling that we hope you allexperience every time you walk through the door at Peter Co. Jewelers. Justglancing overthe agenda for the weekend, it was clear that Tacori is truly invested in helping their retailers succeed. This is sorefreshing to see,especially consideringall of the changesto our industry in recent years. Over the course of three days Tacori offered usinspiring keynote speakers,breakout learning seminars,and even spectacular parties under the setting California sun. The theme for allClub Tacori attendees was to appreciate how far weve come and to dream big for the future. My favorite experience from the week was the Tacori Marketing Manufacturing Tour. Walking through the facility it was evident that each Tacori piece is hand-crafted with extraordinary care.Their custom

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