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When you begin shopping for a diamond, it’s easy to get swept away. As a symbol of love and eternity, naturally, you want to find the best. The great news is that because all diamonds have unique qualities, they can be found in a range of prices. If you're searching for a diamond in the Cleveland area, come to Peter & Co. Jewelers. We’ll help you sort through the details so that you can find a diamond that suits both your taste and your budget.


What's Carat Weight Got To Do With It?

It's a myth when it comes to the best diamond, it's all about the carat weight.  1 carat, 2 carats, 3/4 carat what does it all mean?  Well, we've got a question for you, "What's carat weight got  to do with it?"

Carat WEIGHT is just that, a measurement of weight, it has nothing to do with size. When it comes to buying diamond rings, it's really about the quality and the cut of the diamond, not just the size.  You can have a beautifully cut 1/2 carat diamond that has great sparkle and returns a lot of light for the same price as a larger diamond that isn't cut as well and appears duller, and potentially appear equal in size.  

It's a classic case of quality over quantity!

We'll make sure you find the best quality diamond. at the best price, and with the best service. 

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