Proposal Planning Guide

A Play by Play Guide to Getting Engaged!

So you're thinking about buying a ring.

It's a big step, but no doubt one you've thought about.  You have thought about it, right? Not just the "spending the rest of your life with someone" part, but the how to propose part.

Think about this: A recent survey indicated that 85% of women were "disappointed" with their proposal. 

Ouch! What a shock! Since you only get one shot, we will help set the strategy.  Think of it as your playbook.

proposal plans proposal ideas

First: Choosing the Ring

Qualities such as your and your fiancee's activity level matter in choosing the right ring.  Personal style matters, too.  Here are some considerations:

Finger Size: If you ask anyone -- sister, mother, best friend, your fiancee's ring size, she will know that you are shopping for a ring in exactly 2.2 seconds.  If you want it to be a surprise, try a trick play.  Slip one of her rings on her finger before coming to see us.  Remember the spot where it gets stuck (or mark it with a pen).  Or sneak one of her rings in for us to size.


Metal Options

Platinum: This prestigious and rare metal is dense, heavy and durable.  It fits an active style where a sense of class and elegance are desired.  Platinum is a naturally white metal that will never tarnish or discolor, and is also hypo allergenic.

Gold:  Gold is the traditional metal for wedding rings and a naturally yellow metal.  The percentage of gold in a ring is measured by "karats."  Pure gold is 24 karat gold and since gold is a relatively soft metal, it will be alloyed with other metals to create a more durable and harder substance for making rings.  14 karat is 58.5% gold and 18 karat is 75% gold.  White gold is simply yellow gold alloyed to appear white, and then plated with rhodium to achieve a bright, white finish on a white gold ring.  In time, the plating will wear down and will need re-plating.

Palladium: Palladium has recently experienced renewed interest as a metal for wedding rings, largely due to it's purity, natural white color, and affordable pricing.  Palladium is a platinum-group metal and will be comfortably light, weighing about the same as gold but about half as much as platinum, yet still strong and durable.  Palladium may not be available through all manufacturers and designers.


What's Shape Got To Do With It?

Most engagement ring center stones fall into nine shapes:

1. Round Brilliant -- this is the most popular, and is cut for maximum sparkle.

2. Princess -- the most popular square cut diamond, looking for ideal sparkle ask about our Firemark Square cut.

3. Emerald -- a very traditional cut with old world charm.

4. Asscher -- with perfectly parallel step-cut facets, it's like looking in a hall of mirrors.

5. Marquise -- a look that is resurfacing especially when set East to West on the finger.

6. Oval -- a perfect shape for a traditionalist that wants something other than a round.

7. Radiant -- basically a princess cut with cut corners.

8. Pear -- teardrop shaped, has a great deal of sparkle when cut properly.

9. Heart -- the sentimental cut is sometimes hard to find.

10. Cushion -- shaped like a pillow "cushion" this shape is definitely trending upward.

diamond shapes


The 4 C's of Diamond Grading (and the secret 5th C)

Diamond Experts use these four quality characteristics when grading diamonds, you can use them too.

Carat -- Carat refers to weight.  Larger diamonds are more rare, and therefore more valuable.  However, two diamond with the same carat weight can vary greatly in value, depending on the color, clarity and most importantly, the cut.

Cut -- A well cut diamond sparkles, a lot.  That's because a well cut diamond reflects and refracts light better than one not cut as well.  Just as it increase sparkle, an ideal cut diamond sets the benchmark in price.  All other cuts grades are compared against it.  Who wants a diamond that doesn't sparkle?

Color --Diamonds can be any color but the most desired are white (or colorless).  A diamond's beauty and value usually increase dramatically the more colorless it is.  The spectrum ranges from a light yellow to a total absence of color.  However, there are naturally occurring colored diamonds, like pinks, blues, greens, etc. that are called fancy color diamonds and they are not measured on the same scale.

Created -- Clarity refers to the number of "inclusions" or "clarity characteristics" within the diamond.  A "flawless" diamond - one that shows no imperfections under a 10-power magnification - is extremely rare.  

The 5th C -- Confidence --Our goal is to offer you the most comfortable ring-buying atmosphere so you can make the most confident decision.  We want you to ask questions and look at the various options so that when you find that diamond that speaks to you, you'll know it!



This was a Proposal Planning Kit, Where are the Proposal Ideas?

For The Fun-Loving!

  • A private magician can add a "magical" element when the last trick produces the ring box.  Propose when he presents the box.
  • Create a crossword or "hidden message" word search puzzle for her to solve.  All the clues in the crossword should be wedding, marriage, or engagement themed: gown, ring, flowers, garter, etc.  "Will you marry me?" is the hidden message in word search.
  • While on a camping trip, tell her to run over to where you're fishing.  Tell her that you're pretty sure you "caught something good."  Pull up the engagement ring you tied to the end of the fishing line just before you called for her.

Family and Friends Welcome!

  • A traditional approach is to ask her father beforehand.  At the next family gathering, pull her aside in private and ask her in private, then make the announcement to the family during dinner.
  • Throw a party for close family and friends.  Hire a DJ or band, and when they play "your" song, go down on one knee and propose.
  • Bowl her over with this clever idea!  Go bowling with friends, and when she isn't looking, insert her name as "Will you marry me?" On the screen it will appear WYMM.  Tell her she has to get a strike or spare to find out what it means.  When she turns around from her spare/strike, she finds you on one knee about to propose!

Romancing The Stone:

  • Every woman loves a home cooked (or catered) candlelight dinner.  Server her a glass of champagne with the diamond ring in the bottom or tied to the stem with ribbon in her favorite color.
  • Take the diamond box to a local chocolatier and have it dipped in chocolate.  Don't let her go for the biggest chocolate -- the ring box -- first.  Make her wait throughout the evening.  Finally, crack it open to reveal the surprise center!

The Music Man

  • Most couples have a song.  Sing yours to her, then end the song with your proposal on one knee.
  • Invite her over for a romantic evening.  Play your song, then ask her to dance in the living room.  Ask her to marry you after the dance.
  • Write or have a personalized love song created just fro her.  Propose when it ends.  Or, have the song lyrics include your proposal.
  • Surprise her with couples dancing lessons.  Tell her you want your "first dance" to be perfect.  When she asks you what first dance, tell her our "first dance as man and wife". Ask her to marry you.

PSA: Publicly Seen Announcement

  • Plan an outdoor event then have a skywriter paint your message across the sky.  Have your ring ready when she sees your proposal.
  • If you both like sports, arrange to have your message displayed on the scoreboard..."Her name + will you marry me?"  Have the ring ready when she turns to look at you.
  • Make dessert at your favorite restaurant the sweetest ending possible.  Make the engagement ring in a box be one of the choices on the dessert tray (arrange with the server ahead of time).  Hope she loves you more than the death by chocolate! ;)
  • Arrange with her favorite local band to sing her favorite song.  As the song ends, ask her to marry you.
  • Street theater can add a fun flair to your proposal.  Plan ahead with a street musician (or other entertainer).  On the street with her, pretend to watch the show.  The musician will play her favorite song.  When she realizes, go down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

World Wide Web Romeo

  • Create a personal web page with a picture of the two of you, and image of the ring in its box, and your proposal.  Surf the web together for a good deal on whatever it is you need.  After visiting a couple sites, type in the address of the page you created.
  • Use a picture app (or photo site) and present a slideshow of you holding various cards to spell out "Will you marry me?"

We hope you liked these proposal ideas.  We'll try to post up more as we think of them or as our newly engaged customers share their proposal ideas with us. 


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